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New Southwark Plan Update: Some success!

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Earlier this year we asked our members and supporters of the Football Club to write to Southwark Council in response to their proposed new site allocations and area visions in the New Southwark Plan. We were copied into some of the emails and were greatly encouraged by the number of responses. We are happy to say that the Council have taken on board some of the comments and amended the wording in the site allocation for Champion Hill to include the ‘associated facilities’ in addition to the pitch as required uses on the site. However, there are still a number of outstanding comments that we made which we still feel should be addressed. Continue reading “New Southwark Plan Update: Some success!”

Planning Update

This update contains the latest on the planning application, feedback from our meetings with local councillors and MPs and important news regarding the Council’s proposals for the new Southwark Plan consultation which includes proposals for Champion Hill which are not currently in the best interests for the future of our Club and requires your help.

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New Southwark Plan – Area Visions and Site Allocations: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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Southwark Council are in the process of drafting new site allocations and area visions for the New Southwark Plan. Included within this was an allocation for the existing Champion Hill stadium site including the land around the stadium (car wash, car park) and the land on which the stadium buildings sit (health club, bar, changing rooms etc.) but specifically excluding the football pitch. The important bit here is that development of all land except the pitch means that the Club would have to function without any of the basic ancillary elements (turnstiles, stands, bar, changing rooms) that are essential to be able to function at even a basic level of football let alone one at Isthmian level or above. Whilst we welcome the inclusion of the Champion Hill site in the proposals (in the sense that there is an understanding from the Council that the site can be redeveloped in the future), the current proposals do not have sufficient consideration for the Football Club and its ability to function properly. We urge all supporters to take the opportunity to make comments on this document by 7 July.

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Revised MOU signed with Meadow


In 2015 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hadley Property Group. This set out the key points of our working relationship with them including common understanding and commitments on key aspects of the proposed development and the transition to fan ownership. With the change from Hadley Property Group to Meadow in October 2016 we felt it was necessary to revisit the MOU and update to reflect the current situation.

We’re now pleased to say that both parties have signed a revised agreement which retains and builds upon all the main sentiments of the original MOU. The updated MoU emphasises how vital the planning application is to the future of the club.  A brand new, fit-for-purpose stadium, a facility for local schools and the community groups, and a sustainable, debt-free future for our club, owned by the fans.  If you haven’t already, please take 10 minutes to tell the Planning Inspectorate – by 7 March – why you #SupportourStadium. Continue reading “Revised MOU signed with Meadow”

Your Club needs you – #SupportOurStadium

Do you love our Club?  Then the time to act is now.

Southwark Council have not taken a decision on the planning application to redevelop Champion Hill.  Meadow Residential (the owners of Champion Hill) have now appealed against the failure of the Council to make a decision within the statutory time period and for the refusal to allow amendments to the existing Section 106 agreement.  The cases have now been referred to the Planning Inspectorate.  This is our last chance to demonstrate our support for the scheme.  We must all act before the deadline for comments on 7 March.   Continue reading “Your Club needs you – #SupportOurStadium”

Securing the future of our football club

Last week the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust (DHST) met with the current operators of Champion Hill, Meadow Residential LLP (Meadow). We requested this meeting to discuss the changes in the running of our football club, the current financial situation, the latest progress on the planning application to redevelop the ground (including the Section 106 protection) and plans for fan ownership. The following is an update on these various interlinked issues. Continue reading “Securing the future of our football club”

Matchday operations at Champion Hill

One of our objectives is for DHFC to be a well-run Football Club and making sure that the ground and match day operations are working to the satisfaction of the supporters is part of that. We have therefore been in touch with the new General Manager, Chris Taylor, since early August to try and ensure that happens and continue a dialogue that was taking place with Hadley Property Group for the last couple of years.

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Champion Hill Redevelopment Survey

The Supporters’ Trust have launched a survey aimed at gathering the views of our members and other Dulwich Hamlet supporters, in relation to any future stadium development. The consultation will be open until 17th August 2014 and the results used to inform the Trust’s response to the request for comments from Hadley Property Group.

We hope to receive a wide range of responses, so please do encourage other supporters to submit their views before the closing date. The survey itself should not take more than 15 minutes to complete, and is largely focused on the facilities supporters would view as important within a new stadium.

Click here to complete the survey.

Asset of Community Value Listing

Southwark Council have informed Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust that the Asset of Community Value (ACV) listing approved for Dulwich Hamlet’s ground last year has been removed. This is only a legal technicality, because ownership of the ground was in the hands of the administrators of the previous owner at the time of the listing.

Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust is currently considering its options, of which re-submitting the nomination for listing the ground as an Asset of Community Value is one. The Supporters’ Trust intends to discuss the options with its members in the coming weeks and will also seek to engage further with the new owners of the Football Club and the ground, Hadley Property Group.

Trust Statement on Latest Developments

After months of uncertainty and speculation, it is now clear that the freehold of Dulwich Hamlet’s football ground at Champion Hill has been (or shortly will be) acquired by the Hadley Property Group.

One of the Supporters’ Trust’s key objectives since its creation has been to ensure that the Football Club has a secure, long term future at a ground at its traditional home and to this end the Trust secured designation of the current ground as ‘Other Open Space’ in 2007 and listing as an Asset of Community Value in 2013. This overall objective remains unchanged.

It is clear that the Football Club is entering a time of potentially unprecedented change in four fundamental and inter-related areas:
– who owns and runs the Football Club, what structure that takes and what involvement the supporters have in this;
– where the Football Club plays, what associated facilities and businesses it has, and how much it pays for a lease;
– how the Football Club becomes financially viable, self sustaining and transparent – spending no more than it receives in income;
– what facilities are available to the wider local community and role the Football Club plays within it.

These are huge questions and the Trust welcomes the fact that the Football Club has called an open public meeting at 5.15pm after the game on Saturday 22nd February to start to communicate its position. We urge all supporters to attend to hear for themselves what their thinking is.

Finally, with the forthcoming months promising such fundamental change (perhaps for the better, but unfortunately perhaps not), the Supporters’ Trust itself needs to develop and grow to meet the challenge. The Trust is a voluntary organisation and the current Board members all have day jobs – if the Trust is to serve and represent its growing membership and the wider supporter base properly in through the changes that lie ahead it really does need, and will warmly welcome, fresh blood and additional pairs of hands.

So if you care about the future of the club and want to play a part in helping to shape it on behalf of the supporters, don’t just sit back and let others do it – please come and see us at the club shop at home games or send an email to and GET INVOLVED!