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February Board Meeting Minutes Published

The full minutes of the DHST Board meeting that took place on 15 February 2018 are now available to read here

Topics covered include an update on the situation at the Club/Champion Hill, plans to commemorate International Women’s Day, membership consultation, merchandise, and volunteering.

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100 Club Winners – March 2018

The winners of this month’s draw were Steve Rickerby who won £76.25 and Kerry Muraszko who won £45.75. Monthly contributions are running at £305 and the total raised now stands at over £34k. Many thanks for your continued support. Head here to fill in a quick and easy online form to be in with a chance of winning next month’s draw.

DHST review of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club Ltd Abbreviated Accounts

Appraisal of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club Ltd abbreviated accounts for the year ended 30 September 2016

In line with objective 3 of our 2016-18 objectives, the Supporters’ Trust is here to ensure that Dulwich Hamlet Football Club is a transparent and well run football club. In order to prepare the club for fan ownership it is vital that we scrutinise any publically available financial information and continue to push for any information that is not readily available to support the understanding of this public information. Continue reading “DHST review of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club Ltd Abbreviated Accounts”

Further Statement on Current Situation with Meadow Residential LLP

On 7 March, Meadow dropped their ill-advised attempt to stop Dulwich Hamlet Football Club using its own name.

Although this was an embarrassing episode for them, it is no real concession: Meadow should not have made its trade mark registrations in the first place, and it is clear that they would not have survived proper legal scrutiny.

The bigger picture is that all the other elements of Meadow’s apparent strategy to push DHFC out of business remain in place.

It appears from Meadow’s latest statement, issued on 7 March, that their development plans still depend on concessions that are unrealistic, in our view, to expect Southwark Council to make.

In those circumstances, we do not understand what good Meadow believe can come from their continued involvement at Champion Hill.

As we said on 7 March, we believe it would be better for everyone – including Meadow – if they sold the land at fair market value on terms which guarantee the future sustainability of the club.  We repeat our call on them to do so.

Whatever course Meadow now take, they must end the strategy of aggression that threatens the club’s existence.

To that end, we are putting the following five propositions to Andrew McDaniel, Michael Tremayne and Didier Colin of Meadow Partners LLP; to Peter Bennison of Meadow Residential LLP; and to Jeffrey M Kaplan of Meadow Partners LLC, which we invite them to agree as a matter of urgency.

  1. Give the club its home back.  Under threat of being locked out of Champion Hill, the club signed a new licence in December 2017, on terms you knew it could not comply with.  We call on you to reinstate that licence immediately, to ensure that the club can fulfil its next home fixture, and commit to replacing it as soon as possible with a new licence negotiated fairly and in good faith, to remain in force for as long as you continue to own and operate Champion Hill.
  2. Withdraw the statutory demand, and stop using alleged debts incurred on your watch to threaten the club.  It is unconscionable for you to claim rent and other sums that you would not have pursued if your planning application had succeeded. And it is well established that it is generally impermissible to pursue disputed debts by way of insolvency proceedings.
  3. Agree to pay over match day bar profits to the club, going back to 1 November 2017, and going forward.  When you announced your withdrawal of financial support from the club in October 2017, you did not make it clear the club would not receive bar profits, and only informed it that it would not a few weeks ago.  It is the club’s activities, and the loyalty of its supporters, that generate these profits, and they should be allocated to the club.
  4. We call on you to honour all player and staff contracts entered into on your watch, and to reinstate the bar and support staff who were let go last week. Our players and staff are ordinary members of our community, working extra jobs to support themselves and their families.  Withdrawing or threatening a key source of their income has huge consequences for them.  You agreed the wage budget for the 2017/18 season, and players and staff were entitled to rely on the assurance that they would receive an income until the end of the season.
  5. Please remove the unnecessary fencing you’ve put up on the access road to Green Dale behind the stadium.

* * *

We do not intend to comment in detail on Meadow’s statement of 7 March, but there are a couple of points we should address.

First, Meadow’s statement presented their registration of the trade marks as a step taken for the club’s benefit, in the context of “discussions over a memorandum of understanding and ultimate handover [of the club] to DHST”.  This may suggest that we knew about the trade marks when they were registered.  To be clear, we did not: we had no idea they existed until we saw a copy of Blake Morgan’s letter threatening the club.  The updated MoU was signed in March 2017.  The trade mark applications were made, without informing DHST, in October 2017.  This coincides with the withdrawal of the planning appeals, the discontinuance of DHFC Limited’s claim (as an integral part of the planning application) to extend its lease over Green Dale, and Meadow’s announcement that it was withdrawing financial support from the club.

Second, the statement refers to Southwark taking legal action against the Club.  Again, to be clear, the Green Dale lease proceedings were brought by DHFC Limited on Meadow’s watch against Southwark.  When DHFC Limited discontinued that claim, Southwark automatically became entitled to an order that DHFC Limited pay its costs.  But Southwark has not, to the best of our knowledge, pursued DHFC Limited for those costs.  This is in keeping with the clear public statements made by its leader, Peter John, and by the Council Assembly in unanimously passing a motion in support of the club – and is in contrast to the approach Meadow have taken to the debts they say they are owed by DHFC Limited.

Finally, we’d like to place on record our thanks to Tooting and Mitcham United for agreeing to share their ground with the club, and to the countless individuals who have shown their support for the club in different ways over recent days.

We’ll continue to keep our members updated whenever we’re able to do so.


Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust Statement regarding recent actions by Meadow Residential LLP

On 5 March 2018 Meadow Residential (acting through a connected licensor company) purported to terminate Dulwich Hamlet Football Club’s (DHFC Ltd) licence to play at Champion Hill, with immediate effect.

A few days before, a statutory demand was served on the Club for £121k in backdated rent and other charges, said to have been accrued since the 2013-14 season (predominantly, therefore, during the period in which Meadow and its predecessor controlled DHFC Ltd).

On 6 March Blake Morgan LLP, solicitors representing “Greendales IP LLC” (a Delaware corporation assumed to be connected to Meadow) informed DHFC Limited that Greendales had (last October) registered the words “Dulwich Hamlet Football Club”, “DHFC” and “The Hamlet” as trademarks, and demanded that the Club immediately cease using these words “on any printed literature and any online activity including websites and twitter”.

These bizarre and punitive moves effectively leave our 125 year-old club homeless and nameless – barely a year after Meadow co-owner Peter Bennison signed an updated memorandum of understanding (MOU) with DHST committing Meadow to ‘ensure the financial sustainability’ of the football club ‘irrespective of the outcome of the planning application’.  Meadow’s actions in the past week appear to us to be a clear and unconscionable attempt to force the club into liquidation.

DHST honoured its commitments under the MOU to support Meadow’s plans.  So too did the volunteer members of the Club’s football committee and the many supporters who wrote letters of support.

It now seems clear to us that there can be no future for any development involving Meadow at Champion Hill.  There is only one honourable and responsible course for them now to take: to withdraw the statutory demand, reassign the trademark registrations, withdraw the termination of the licence and arrange the sale of Champion Hill at fair market value to Southwark Council or another party on terms that address any historic debt issues affecting the club.

Earlier today, Meadow contacted us and signalled their intention to transfer the trademarks to DHST. Whilst transferring fundamental assets of this Club, such as its name, back to its supporters is welcome, it’s disappointing that action is even necessary.

Adversity has demonstrated the value of this club to our community.  It is not too late for Andrew McDaniel and Peter Bennison to step back from the brink and resolve this matter with honour.  We call on them to accept that Meadow’s involvement at Champion Hill must now end, and to enter into good faith negotiations with interested parties for the rapid sale of Champion Hill on terms that give absolute priority to its long term sustainability.

DHST remains committed to its objectives and hope that this sorry saga is concluded rapidly, that we might continue to pursue them and fully realise our goal of a permanent sustainable home for DHFC in East Dulwich.

On the 6 of March DHST and Football Committee representatives attended the Houses of Parliament to meet with a number of the Club’s supporters in parliament and update them on recent developments. We thank MP’s Helen Hayes, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan and Harriet Harman as well as Lord Roy Kennedy for their ongoing support. We also thank London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Leader of Southwark Council Peter John for their continued assistance.

Finally, we would like to thank all our members for their continued support. Together, we cannot and will not let this club go without an almighty fight.

The club and DHST need your help to continue the struggle. We ask you to please contact your local MP, councillors and London Assembly members. This can be done through or by sending them a letter.  When contacting them, please consider the following:

  • DHFC is an important community asset that has received national recognition for its inclusive values, but that its existence is under threat from the property developers who control the ground.
  • Make the message personal and interesting. Tell them what the club means to you and what an asset it is to the local area.
  • Consider the impact of the club on your family – if you have older family members with memories of years gone by these stories need to be told, or similarly the young passion of your children.
  • Ask for their support of the club during the current situation.

Please note that personalised messages will always garner more attention and you must contact your local representatives even if they are not in Southwark. Physical letters are often particularly effective but any contact is useful. Be sure to use emotion, personal perspectives and even humour in any correspondence as this is particularly useful in garnering attention from people who receive a large volume of mail.

DHFC is just one of many clubs who have faced and will face this kind of hostility. This action doesn’t and should not end with DHFC, we must fight for grassroots football whenever and wherever we can.

With your help we can secure the future of this football club – please spread the word.

Many thanks,


New Southwark Plan – Proposed Submission Version

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

DHST have been closely following the proposed New Southwark Plan for nearly a year and have been actively participating in the consultation process, contributing comments to the parts of the document which affect Dulwich Hamlet Football Club and having success in putting in place a sensible development strategy for Champion Hill whilst providing greater protection to the Dulwich Hamlet Football Club.

The New Southwark Plan will be a new borough-wide planning and regeneration strategy up to 2033. Once finalised and adopted, it will replace the saved Southwark Plan policies and the Core Strategy. This document sets in place strategies for sites in the borough in relation to potential development of these sites.

The New Southwark Plan contains area visions and site allocations including East Dulwich and Champion Hill Stadium. Within the first version of the Plan was an allocation for the Champion Hill stadium which included the land around the stadium (car wash, car park) and the land on which the stadium buildings are located (health club, bar, changing rooms etc.) but, specifically excluded the football pitch. In theory this could have meant that the New Southwark Plan set in place a development strategy for the site which provided no facilities for the Football Club other than a pitch. Clearly this isn’t feasible for an ambitious senior Club like DHFC.

Our response to the Council’s first draft of this document was partially successful with the amendment of the required uses on the site to include both the football pitch and associated facilities rather than just the pitch. Whilst we had some success in getting this small but significant wording changed the Council omitted to include the area of the associated facilities and the concerns on the other aspects that we highlighted in our original response still remained.

The Council then consulted on the new and amended preferred option policies document which we responded to here. The East Dulwich area vision was amended to acknowledge that the Club is “ click here an important visitor attraction with a valuable community function” and the Champion Hill site allocation was amended so that Tastylia Online Without Prescription any new development on the site includes provision for a stadium with at least the same size facilities as we currently have. 

Given that the first version of this document didn’t acknowledge retaining of the ancillary facilities (turnstiles, changing rooms, bar etc.) we should see this as a very important ‘win’, particularly since the current situation (with the withdrawal of Meadow’s planning appeals) means the car park is realistically the least path to resistance in terms of developing the land and the first version of this document would have left everything but the pitch up for grabs which could have harmed the ability for a senior level football club such as DHFC to continue to use Champion Hill.

The New Southwark Plan: Proposed Submission Version is currently out for formal consultation until 27 February 2018. This stage of the consultation to assess whether the proposed Plan is ‘sound’ and ‘legal’. The Trust have made their representation which supports the Plan. The current description of the site now reads as follows:

Redevelopment of the site must: Retain the football ground and ancillary facilities (D2) with capacity for no less than 3,000 spectators.

Redevelopment of the site should:

• Provide new homes (C3).

Redevelopment of the site may:

• Provide new extra care housing (C2).

buy Lyrica australia Design and accessibility guidance

The design, layout and accessibility requirements for this site are dependent on the proposed mix and location of land uses and their relationships to each other within the site. Proposals must ensure that the football grounds continue to function successfully. Comprehensive mixed-use redevelopment of the site could include taller buildings subject to consideration of impacts on existing character, heritage and townscape. Redevelopment should complement the setting of existing open spaces, and enhance walking routes and connectivity to Lordship Lane and East Dulwich. The site is not within a borough designated Archaeological Priority Area or conservation area. The site is located close to the Camberwell/Constance Road Workhouse build in 1892. An archaeological assessment is required for this site.

We will report again once the results of this stage of consultation are complete.

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100 Club Winners Feb 18

The winners of this month’s draw were Mark Panton who won £67.50 and Bill Collar who won £40.50. Monthly contributions are running at £270 and the total raised now stands at over £34k. Many thanks for your continued support. Head here to fill in a quick and easy online form to be in with a chance of winning next month’s draw.

December Board Meeting Minutes

The full minutes of the DHST Board meeting that took place on 20 December 2017 are now available to read here

Topics covered included an update on the situation with Meadow, Southwark Council Assembly, New Southwark Plan, merchandise and the Christmas party.

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100 Club Winners – January 2018

The winners of this month’s draw were Mr L Shailer who won £67.50 and Phil Addington who won £40.50. Monthly contributions are running at £270 and the total raised now stands at over £34k. Many thanks for your continued support. Head here to fill in a quick and easy online form to be in with a chance of winning next month’s draw.