DHST accounts for 2014 published

The Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust’s accounts for the year ended 31st December 2014 were submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) this summer.  They show that the Trust has made a profit of £4,674 in 2014, a fantastic increase of £3,328 from 2013 profits of £1,346.

This was largely driven by a 66% increase in Mega-Shed and online sales, which continues to be the most significant revenue stream for the Trust.  The profits from the shop sales continue to be shared 50:50 with the Football Club resulting in £3,061 being passed to the Club during 2014.  Retained profits will go some way in assisting the Trust in achieving our objectives of Dulwich Hamlet FC being a leading example of a financially sustainable football club that is fully owned by its supporters and has a secure long term home in East Dulwich.

The 100 club fund continues to grow with total contributions to the fund during 2014 of £3,311 and prizes of £1,322 paid out resulting in a net £1,989 being added to the Trust’s ring fenced fund for future investment.  We encourage all supporters to join the 100 club, and you can find out more and join here.