DHST backs redevelopment of Champion Hill

The Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust (DHST) will be backing plans for the redevelopment of Champion Hill. This follows a poll of members on whether to support the redevelopment proposals, as submitted by Hadley Property Group (HPG). An unequivocal 94 percent of Trust members who responded to the poll are in support. 

The new facility and the Club being owned by its supporters is a fantastic chance to secure the Club’s future for years to come.  DHST will therefore be campaigning in the coming months to secure these two mutually reinforcing issues. This will ensure that Dulwich Hamlet Football Club has the bright future it deserves.

We are urging fans to write in support of the planning application. It is imperative that you tell Southwark exactly what the club means to the community and exactly why it should be built.

We’d urge you to do this in your own words (quoting the relevant case number  click here 16/AP/1232), as this is the best means of indicating support. If you don’t have the time, then we suggest you send the following simple email draft to planning@southwark.gov.uk:

To whom it may concern,

‘I support the application for DULWICH HAMLET FOOTBALL CLUB STADIUM AND GREEN DALE PLAYING FIELDS, DOG KENNEL HILL, LONDON, SE22 8BD (case number http://dkocina.com/category/herrajes/alumplus/feed 16/AP/1232). Dulwich Hamlet Football Club has played football in East Dulwich for over 120 years and I want to see that continue.

In recent years, the club’s attendances have grown by more than 400% and this is in no small part down to the fantastic work of volunteers at the Football Club (including the Dulwich Hmalet Supporters’ Trust – DHST). This had placed DHFC at the heart of the community.

With over 230 members, DHST are one of the largest community groups in the local area and their support of this application should not go unnoticed. They have been working with the applicant to ensure the ground meets current and future needs of supporters.

I consider that the application is in line with Key Themes and Strategic Policies within the London Plan 2015 and Southwark’s Core Strategy 2011, in particular Strategic Policy 4 (Places for learning, enjoyment and healthy lifestyles) which specifically notes that “wide range of well used community facilities that provide spaces for many different communities and activities in accessible areas”. This is the very essence of what both the Football Club and the myriad of local churches, schools, youth groups and voluntary service providers will use the enhanced Champion Hill stadium for.

Much has been made of the negligible impact on the Metropolitan Open Land (currently in use as an astroturf pitch) at Greendale, but this is largely baseless as most of the space is being reprovided on site. Furthermore, any loss is far outweighed by the once in a generation opportunity presented by the sympathetically designed community sports facility.

I urge you to recommend these proposals for approval.’

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