Monthly match posters

www stockpair com We produce a monthly poster that lists all the upcoming home fixtures.  This is shared on social media and available for collection from the clubhouse, Mega-Container (club shop) and 12th Man stand.  If you are able to, then we are keen for fans to print or collect a poster and ask to put up in local businesses in their area.

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testosterone propionate dosage per week Fixture Poster – September 2017

buy 300 mg Seroquel Fixture Poster – August 2017

Fixture Poster – March 2017

Fixture Poster – February 2017

Fixture Poster – November & December 2016

Fixture poster – October 2016

Fixture poster – September 2016

Fixture poster – August 2016

Fixture poster – July 2016

Fixture poster – April 2016

Fixture poster – March 2016

Fixture poster – February 2016

Fixture poster – January 2016

Fixture poster – December 2015

Fixture poster – November 2015

Fixture poster – October 2015

DHFC vs Stonewall FC poster for social media

DHFC vs Stonewall FC poster for printing

DHFC Calendar – February 2017 replacement