Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust takes Aid over to Calais Refugee Camp


The trust would like to thank everyone once again for their amazing contributions to the Calais refugee appeal. Trust Board members went over to Calais on October the 15th to deliver the majority of donations. There are still more to take and they will be travelling over again on the 14th November to deliver the rest. And if anyone has any more sleeping bags please contact the Trusts email info@dhst.org as they are in desperate need of these and we should just about be able to fit these in for the next trip.

From the money raised we used this for moving donations from the club, hostel accommodation and fresh food, fruit and vegetables for people in the camp. We will use the rest to help us get out there again, Hadley’s very kindly paid for the first trip’s travel expenses. If anyone does want to donate further, you can do so here.

Not all Items could be taken to Calais, the ones that couldn’t were taken to local charity shops, Brixton and Norwood foodbank and the Salvation Army refugee centre. So not only did you generosity help those stuck in Calais it benefited the local community as well.

To read a more detailed account of the trip,  please see the piece below from our community lead, Jack Spearman, who made the trip. Please note, we have not included any photos of refugees without their express permission.

Click here to read the trip report

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