Fans asked to respond to Council’s survey on Greendales…as Trust’s survey closes

The Supporters’ Trust survey that was aimed at gathering the views of our members, and other Dulwich Hamlet supporters, in relation to any future stadium development closed last night.  At last count nearly 100 people had filled out the survey.  A massive thank you to all who responded.  Our next step will be to analyse the results and use them to inform the Trust’s formal response to Hadley’s consultation – which will also be shared on our website.

The survey is also useful to allow the Trust to form it’s position in reflation to Southwark’s latest consultation event, which took place on Saturday.  The Trust board members who attended the Council’s event were particularly struck by the lack of proper explicit consideration for the future for the football club.  This is why the Trust is urging it’s members to respond to the Council highlighting the need for greater consideration for the club and for them to explore the potential for joint working with Hadley.
It is really important that the Council hear as many voices as possible, so please take 15 minutes to complete the Council’s survey which closes on 24 August.