Back the Playfair Qatar campaign on Saturday

Qatar’s World Cup and its vital infrastructure are being built by foreign workers, mostly brought in from south and south-east Asia and Africa.  Once in Qatar, they cannot leave without their employers’ permission, leaving them vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and the daily risk of serious injury or death.  Hundreds have already died (1200 confirmed deaths from India, Bangladesh and Nepal alone from 2012-14) and thousands more are in danger.

As football fans, we need to stand united against this injustice.  This is why we are asking DHFC fans to back the TUC and Football Supporters Federation’s Playfair Qatar campaign.  We are asking you to print out a poster from the campaign website and bring to the game on Saturday 8 October vs Bognor Regis Town.  At the half-time whistle, we ask that fans gather behind the goal that Dulwich were attacking (usually the Greendale end) and raise your signs up in the air along with your pink and blue scarves (or green and white for Bognor Regis Town fans).  This will be photographed, added to the Playfair website and used in the campaign.

The Football Supporters Federation and the TUC hope that this action, along with similar activities across the world, will be enough to put pressure on the Government of Qatar and the relevant authorities to take action.  The needless death of 100s of workers and human rights abuses must stop.  It’s only by raising our voices as fans, here at Champion Hill and around the world, that we can start to rattle the confidence of FIFA, its sponsors and Qatar itself.  The more that us fans raise our voices, then the more concerned the authorities will be, and hopefully the needless deaths and human rights abuses will end.  You can also sign the petition to the new FIFA President here.

It is particularly pertinent that this campaign coincides with our own Trade Union Day at Champion Hill.  We are fortunate in the UK to have labour rights built up over many years that are often taken for granted.  Don’t forget that Trade Union members can get in for the reduced concession rate on Saturday of £4 – just bring your membership card.