Update on poll on ground redevelopment

In August we made more details available of plans to poll members on ground redevelopment, including a cut off date for new members to join in order to be eligible for the poll.

At that time the DHST board were of the view that the poll would be launched imminently.  However, changing circumstances in the progression of Hadley Property Group’s plans for the ground has meant that the poll has been delayed.

Hadley Property Group has issued the following statement which explains more:

‘We have found ourselves at a point where, through on going and more positive discussions with the borough, the design and structure of the overall scheme can potentially change over the coming weeks.  There are a number of details that are being discussed at the moment which mean that it isn’t a good point to put the scheme to vote – as it still may move a little in the near future, and we could feasibly be seeking approval on something which is going to change shape before submission.  This should settle very soon, and we can send across the complete package of information.  Again – apologies, but we want the vote to be as transparent and relevant as possible, and this is really the only way that this can happen.  We can advise that the fundamental principles of the strategy to provide a sustainable future with fan control of the club remain central to the strategy.’

We will provide further updates when we know more.  We are grateful to Hadley for providing this update and for their commitment to ensuring that Trust members will be able to make this important decision about the future of the club based on the most up to date and accurate details.

We are also grateful to Trust members who submitted questions about the poll following the August update.  We have tried our best to answer these questions as fully as possible here.  Please email any further questions relating to the poll to info@dhst.org.uk.