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In April 2016 a planning application was made by Greendale Property Group Ltd to redevelop the land in and around Champion Hill. The proposals comprise: a new 4,000 capacity stadium for Dulwich Hamlet Football Club, 155 residential dwellings, associated car parking, cycle parking, refuse storage and a new access road alongside enhancements to the existing open space at Green Dale fields and the creation of a new public linear park. The proposed redevelopment of Champion Hill offers the best chance to secure the long-term sustainability of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club and protect its future by placing ownership into the hands of supporters.  It provides a new ground and leisure facility that will be accessible to the local community, including local schools.

http://ny.ithu.se/2017/05/29/ DHST is backing plans for the redevelopment of Champion Hill. We polled members of the Trust in late April/May 2016 on whether we should back the plans.  An overwhelming 94% of those polled agreed that DHST should back the plans.  Our views are therefore clearly representative of one of, if not the largest, community groups in the local area (membership is currently just over 270).

opziobi binarie ***UPDATE – FEBRUARY 2017***

Southwark Council have  free stock charts for binary options\'A=0 not taken a decision on the planning application to redevelop Champion Hill.  Meadow Residential (the owners of Champion Hill) have now appealed against the failure of the Council to make a decision within the statutory time period and for the refusal to allow amendments to the existing Section 106 agreement.  The cases have now been referred to the Planning Inspectorate, and we are urgently asking fans to write in support of the redevelopment.

follow link What has DHST been doing on the proposed redevelopment of the ground?

The main aim of the DHST is for Dulwich Hamlet to be a leading example of a financially sustainable football club, owned by supporters, with a secure long-term home in East Dulwich.  This is at the heart of DHST’s objectives as an organisation.  In order to deliver this the DHST Board has consistently championed the position that any proposals must be considered as a holistic package, which delivers enter three things:

In order to achieve these aims, then since 2014, members of the DHST Board have actively engaged with Meadow Residential LLP (and their predecessor Hadley Property Group), fellow supporters, local Councillors and others from the local community.  In particular, we have:

  • influenced the development of the proposals by working closely with their appointed architect and sourcing independent advice from Supporters Direct’s independent stadium-specialist architects;
  • ensured that the Club is considered as part of Southwark Council’s future plans for Greendale Fields by commenting (and encouraging our members to comment) on the Council’s proposals;
  • ensured that there is an improved engagement between the Council and the Applicant to properly consider the option of a comprehensive plan for Champion Hill and Greendale Fields that could benefit local residents, the community (including supporters), and the Football Club; and
  • actively championed, alongside the Club’s Football Committee and others, the value of the club as a genuine community asset that brings together and welcomes all sections of the community.