How to submit comments to the Planning Inspectorate

Note: the deadline for writing to the Planning Inspectorate has now passed but we’ve left our advice below for reference.


There are 2 ways in which you can make comments to the Planning Inspectorate. You can either write a letter to the Planning Inspectorate at the address below or submit comments online – see our step-by-step guide below.

The Planning Inspectorate
3/10B Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6PN

In any correspondence please quote the reference number for the applications:

Application to redevelop Champion Hill: APP/A5840/W/16/3164823

Application to vary clauses in the Section 106 agreement: APP/A5840/Q/16/3166766

Below is a step-by-step guide to submitting comments online to the Planning Inspectorate.

  1. Go to the Planning Inspectorate website HERE. You will be presented with the page below.


2. You will need to type in the reference for the case you wish to comment on. Type in the reference in the box highlighted above in red. For the stadium application the reference number you need to type in is: 3164823. For the Section 106 application you will need to type in: 3166766 When you have typed in the reference number click ‘Search’ which will bring up the page below. Click on the ‘make representation’ button highlighted below.


3. You will be presented with the page below. Click on the ‘Save and continue’ button highlighted.


4. The next page will require you to type in details about you. In the example below we have used Edgar Kail. Please type in your own details. When you have finished click on the ‘save and continue’ button.


5. The page below will now appear. If you are an individual making comments click on the ‘No’ button (1). Then tick the ‘box below’ (2) and then add your comments in the box below (3). You also have the option to attach a file if you have already written down your comments e.g. attaching a Microsoft Word document. This is the section where you have the opportunity to let the Planning Inspectorate know what the Club means to you and why they should approve the applications. When you have finished click on the ‘save and continue’ button (4).


6. The message below will pop up. Tick the box (1) and then click on the submit button (2). That’s it – finished!


7. You should see the screen below. If you’ve entered an email address then you should receive a copy of your comments. If you wish to create an account on the Planning Inspectorate Casework Portal you may track comments.