100 Club History

Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust has operated a 100 Club lottery since 2004.  The objective is to raise funds to invest in the Club for the benefit of supporters whilst also at the same time acquiring a significant shareholding that would enable it to have a meaningful influence on behalf of supporters in the way the club is run.

Over the years, it has not been possible to agree terms on which the money could be invested.  The last attempt was in early 2007 when there were discussions about a loan from the Trust to the Club, but these came to nothing.  Between that time and 2012, there have been no discussions on the subject of the 100 Club funds with the Club.  In late 2012, the Football Club indicated a willingness to offer shares but nothing materialised from this. At present, there is a legal charge over the majority shareholding which prevents anyone except Greendale Property Company being able to buy shares in the Club. Clearly any view on whether and how to invest will be strongly influenced by the situation with regard to the freehold on the ground (see the ‘Trust and the Ground‘ page).

The Supporters’ Trust Board will aim to keep 100 Club contributors informed of all relevant developments with regards to such discussions and would intend to consult with the contributors before taking any decision to invest the money.

As at February 2018, the fund stood at over £34,000, which represents a significant achievement and is likely to be a critical fund for DHST’s plans to deliver on fan ownership of the Football Club.