Objectives 2016-18

The Supporters’ Trust has a set of objectives which are updated approximately every two years.  The current period runs from October 2016 to June 2018.  A detailed version of these objectives can be found here.  Performance against these objectives is assessed before our AGMs in the summer when an annual review is published.

Detailed objectives and annual reviews

How does the Trust work?

The Trust is an independent, democratic, not for profit organisation.  We will act with impartiality and represent the broad spectrum of fans to ensure that the Football Club is run in the best of interests of fans and continues to play in East Dulwich.  As a voice of scrutiny for the activities of the Football Club and its owners, we will ensure that the needs of fans are articulated to those with who have influence on the Club’s operations.  We will continue to seek opportunities to work with the local community and promote the good work of the Club.

What we want for the club in the long-term?

We want Dulwich Hamlet to be a leading example of a financially sustainable football club (capable of playing at the top level of non-league football) that is fully owned by its supporters and has secure long-term home in in East Dulwich.

What will the Trust aim to achieve in the next two years?

We will support planning approval of the new ground (while continuing to seek a long-term lease on the proposed site), while also ensuring that the plans are in the best interests of the Club’s long-term needs.  We will also aim to have the structures in place to allow fan ownership to be realised once the new ground is complete. Alongside this, we will also grow DHST membership, work closely with the local community and seek to influence and improve the operations of the Club under its current management.

What are the top 5 issues that the Trust deliver in the next two years?

1. DHFC has a secure long-term home in East Dulwich

The Trust will actively support the proposals for a new ground and campaign where necessary should the current planning application not receive consent.  The Trust’s ground redevelopment sub-committee will continue to work with Meadow and their consultant team to achieve a stadium design that works best for the Football Club and its supporters.  We will also continue to push for a long lease on the new ground (at least 99 years) and seek to be involved in all discussions that include the developer’s design team and (post-planning approval) the main contractor.

2. DHFC is fully owned by its supporters 

The Trust’s fan ownership sub-committee will continue to prepare a sound business plan and vision and governance document in anticipation of a successful planning application for the new ground and, by association, the Club being owned by its supporters.  We will also continue to play an active role to see that the leisure operator in the new ground is installed on terms which are aligned with our requirements.  We will work with Supporters Direct to help us take over the ownership of the Club.

3. DHFC is a transparent and well run Football Club

In readiness for fan ownership and the preparation of a sound business plan, the Trust’s fan ownership sub-committee will review all financial information associated with the Club that is available to us and continue to push for any information not available that is required.  We will work with the Football Club operators (Meadows), alongside the Football Committee, to ensure that match-days are run in the best interest of fans.  We will look to introduce new merchandise and build on the success we’ve had so far to increase profits and provide fans with a varied range of merchandise to purchase.

4. DHFC has a growing Supporters’ Trust that communicates regularly with its members

In the past few years the Trust has vastly improved its communication with members by publishing minutes of meetings and maintaining regular updates through various media channels.  We will maintain the current level of communications and seek to grow our membership, both of the Trust and also our own lottery scheme (the 100 Club), through promotion on social networks, home matches and outreach events.

5. DHFC has strong links with all fans and the surrounding community

We will continue to get good exposure for the club by sponsoring games and events, coordinating and running at local fairs / events and offer support to the Football Club on initiatives as requested.  We will help ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all fans that encourages a greater diversity amongst our fans.  We will also continue to publish news to local community publications and promote matches.  We will support campaigns that tackle all forms of discrimination.  We will support efforts to increase the number of fans willing to volunteer for the Club.