Philip Mitchell


Failsworth (a mill town between Manchester and Oldham)


Member since:



Roles and responsibilities:

Secretary, Governance, 100 club





I was (I think) a founder Trust Board member, and an early Chair.


I founded the 100 Club (£50K+ raised to date) in 2004.


I took a break from the Board at a busy time in my life and returned when I retired.


Why Dulwich Hamlet?

I’ve lived in East Dulwich for nearly 40 years


What has been the most difficult/rewarding thing about being on the board? The most rewarding thing has been to see the improvement in supporter influence. Working with a volunteer organisation always has challenges because everyone has other responsibilities in their lives


Why should others get involved with the Trust?

To help a local institution and to meet interesting and varied people


DHFC in 3 words:

Local, vibrant, decent


Ever appeared on TV?

At about 13 I appeared on ITV’s Zoo Time. (I wasn’t an exhibit - they invited two kids to ask questions each week and I was nominated by my school.) A few years before that (I was about 10) there was a TV documentary about football called “Fan”. The opening credits ran

over a tracking shot of a boy in United kit, hat and scarf walking towards Old Trafford. It was me, though somehow I didn’t notice the cameraman who must have been walking backwards in front of me. In the weeks that followed people kept telling my family about seeing me, but I have never seen the programme. It seems strange nowadays, but in those days there was no catch up TV and no home recording technology, and many programmes weren’t even kept by the TV companies.


Other teams:

Manchester United (season ticket since I was 6), and Oldham Athletic (I might add on the football front that I’ve seen United in 20-odd major finals, including the 1968 and 1999 European Cup/Champions League finals and the 1991 European Cup Winners Cup Final, and starting with the 1963 FA Cup Final - I was 8)



If you’re not at Champion Hill on a Saturday afternoon, what are you normally doing?

I’m at Old Trafford


Have you ever won any prizes/competitions?

I’ve won lots of pens, books and little cheques from crossword competitions


Favourite film and/or TV show?

Film: Les Démoiselles de Rochefort (well, you did ask). TV: Borgen


Favourite pubs/restaurants in East Dulwich?

(Close to East Dulwich …) Babur (Honor Oak), Artusi (Peckham) Ivy House (Peckham/Nunhead)


Favourite author/s?

Ian Rankin, Stendhal


Favourite or dream holiday destination?

North West Scotland


Can you speak any other languages?

Fluent Dutch. Degree in French and Russian.



If you had to pick 4 other players, past or present, for a dream 5-a-side, who would you go for?

George Best *4


Do you have any pets?



If you’d have been a professional footballer, which clubs would you have most wanted to play for?

I would like to have been a professional footballer in order to play for Manchester United, not the other way around


Jam or Marmite?



Cats or dogs?



North London or South London?

you are joking


Blur or Oasis?

no view


Camping or all-inclusive hotel?



Tea or Coffee?



Night out clubbing or in bed with a good book?

bed and book