Adam Haxell




Role and responsibilities:

Comms, data protection, and the men’s programme notes


Day Job:

I work for a healthcare regulator, don’t be too jealous


Other teams:


I started coming to Dulwich Hamlet and quickly fell in love with it.


I had been coming for a few years and had been slowly getting more invested emotionally, but during the period where the club was really in peril I thought that if people don’t do something and try and help then the risk is that we all lose it forever.


What has been the most difficult things you’ve found on the Board, and what has been most rewarding? Finding time to do all the work can be tricky, as everyone on the Board have busy lives anyway and we need to keep on top of what is going on, which can be easier said than done.


I find the shop actually really rewarding, especially when we launch new merch or at Christmas, seeing everyone properly excited.


Why should others want to get involved with the Trust?

Meet some really nice people and do your bit for the club – there is loads to do and discover.


3 words that sum up Dulwich Hamlet FC.

Football With Souvlaki


If you’re not at Champion Hill on a Saturday afternoon, what are you normally doing?

I am not there as often as I’d like, as I am usually found on a Saturday at a park or playground with my toddler. She has come to a few games, but she is not hooked…yet.


Jam or Marmite?



Cats or dogs?



North London or South London?



Blur or Oasis?




Have you ever won any prizes/competitions?

I won FA Cup final tickets once, in a commentary competition, but that’s about it.


Ever appeared on TV?

When I worked in Parliament I was briefly in the documentary about the place that was filmed in about 2014, it didn’t lead to greater things sadly.


Favourite film and/or TV show?

Lawrence of Arabia for me, and for TV, peak Simpsons (1992-1998)


If you had to pick, who are your top 3 bands/musicians?

A cliché perhaps, but the right answer is obviously The Beatles. Besides them, I listen to ABBA pretty much every day, and am also a massive fan of Elton John (mostly the albums from 1969-1975). Special mention for Kate Bush too, although that is 4.


Favourite pubs/restaurants in East Dulwich?

EDT is hard to beat.


Camping or all-inclusive hotel?



Tea or Coffee?

Tea – 10 cups a day


Night out clubbing or in bed with a good book?

Going out out.

Do you have any celebrity lookalikes?

I have been told I look like Will Young for many, many years, although I don’t really see it.


Favourite author/s?

Aside from the classic big hitters, I love a page turner from Robert Harris, or a classic Fleming James Bond novel. Also a big fan of Gore Vidal.


Favourite or dream holiday destination?

Always wanted to go to Cuba, and South America too – Brazil sounds so much fun.


Can you speak any other languages?

I can speak Italian semi-well, but don’t get to practice very often.


If you had to pick 4 other players, past or present, for a dream 5-a-side, who would you go for?

I can go in goal, to give us a better chance outfield, so I’d want Sami Hyypia, Dennis Bergkamp, Francesco Totti and Thierry Henry, unbeatable.


Do you have any pets?

2 massive cats, Anni Frid and Agnetha.


If you’d have been a professional footballer, which clubs would you have most wanted to play for? Couple of years at Charlton to kick off, then get picked up by Liverpool and spend my prime there, then over to Fiorentina, Sevilla, and finish up at Champion Hill, where better?