Paul Hamilton

Member since:



Roles & Responsibilities:

Merch, Design & Sustainability 


Day Job: 

Graphic designer







Other teams:

Arsenal, Palermo, St Etienne


3 words to sum up DHFC:

Fun, caring, community


If you’re not at Champion Hill on a Saturday afternoon, what are you normally doing? 

Dog walking, working, family chores

Ever appeared on TV? 

Yes, Songs of Praise cira 1988

Favourite film and/or TV show? 

The Wire


Getting involved with Dulwich Hamlet was natural selection. We're the best club!


I joined the trust board to help the club thrive. I love that the trust helps to steer the club using democracy.


Outside of football I work as a designer, mainly working with brands and editorial stuff. I also work as a visiting design lecturer.


North London or South London? South


Camping or all-inclusive hotel? 


Tea or Coffee? 


Night out clubbing or in bed with a good book? 

Both – one after the other

If you had to pick, who are your top 3 bands/musicians?

Burial, Maribou State, Depeche Mode

Favourite pubs/restaurants in East Dulwich?

The Ivy House, EDT, The Lordship

Do you have any celebrity lookalikes?

Eddie Izzard (so I’m told)


Favourite author/s? 

Books about design, type, and maps 

Favourite or dream holiday destination? 


Can you speak any other languages? 



If you had to pick 4 other players, past or present, for a dream 5-a-side, who would you go for?

Nathan Green, Nyren Clunis, Danny Mills, Aryan Taschbach

Do you have any pets?

Yes, a dog, Martha the GSP, sometimes at games

If you’d have been a professional footballer, which clubs would you have most wanted to play for? Arsenal


Jam or Marmite? 


Cats or dogs? 


Blur or Oasis?