Laura Stoker




Member since:



Roles and Responsibilities:

I help plan the work we do with the community and put those plans into action. I also organise the volunteers.






I'm passionate about DHFC, its supporters and the local community and wanted to help the Club and community whilst ensuring representation of the fanbase.


Outside of football I work in a role supporting local residents with the cost of living crisis for a local authority.


Why Dulwich Hamlet?

It's my local! I also really love the passion that comes with non league football and the ethos (of which community work is a part!) of Dulwich Hamlet.


If you’re not at Champion Hill on a Saturday afternoon, what are you normally doing?

Either at a gig, the pub or the beach. Ideally some combo of the three.


Ever appeared on TV?

As a kid, I was on a cheesy gameshow and won tickets to the big theme parks. As an adult, I was on London Live promoting a day of hats. How the mighty fell.


Favourite film and/or TV show?

Film - In Bruges, TV show - Frasier, genuinely tattooed on me.


If you had to pick, who are your top 3 bands/musicians?

Ever changing but staples include Pulp, LCD Soundsystem, The National


Favourite pubs/restaurants in East Dulwich?

Like everyone, I love the EDT but would also recommend walking down the hill to Camberwell for Chinese at Silk Road and a pint in the Hermits Cave.


Favourite or dream holiday destination?

I love Lisbon


Can you speak any other languages?

Through the power of Duolingo, I can say totally nonsensical things in German


If you had to pick 4 other players, past or present, for a dream 5-a-side, who would you go for?

Petr Cech, Andrea Pirlo, George Best, Matt Tubbs


Do you have any pets?

Yes, official Megacontainer volunteer, Ted the dog


Jam or Marmite?



Cats or dogs?



North London or South London?



Blur or Oasis?



Camping or all-inclusive hotel?



Tea or Coffee?

Neither sadly - strictly anti-hot drink


Night out clubbing or in bed with a good book?

Night out