100 Club Rules

Registration is with London Borough of Southwark

Registration Certificate No. R342

1. Purpose

1.1. The Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust 100 Club (“the 100 Club”) will be a lottery intended to provide funds for the benefit of purposes determined by the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust (“DHST”) Board. (Revised April 2019.)

2. Legal Status

2.1. The 100 Club will be registered with the London Borough of Southwark (“LBS”) as a Small Society Lottery, and will operate under the relevant legislation.

2.2. According to legislation, the maximum value of tickets sold under by the 100 Club will be £250,000 per annum or £20,000 per draw. The value of a single ticket (or “chance”) will be £1. The maximum value of prizes given in each drawing is limited by legislation to 80% of the value of chances sold. (Revised November 2022.)

2.3. Expenses incurred (other than for prizes) will be kept to a minimum. All expenses incurred (even when covered by donations) will be recorded.

2.4. Details of draws will be lodged with the LBS as required by legislation.  (Revised April 2019.)

3. Operation

3.1. The Promoter of the 100 Club will be a DHST member appointed by the DHST Board.  A second DHST member, normally the Treasurer, will be appointed by the DHST Board to certify regular returns to LBS (along with the Promoter).   (Revised November 2022.)  

3.2. When the Promoter is notified that the 100 Club has been registered with LBS, subscription to the 100 Club will be invited.

3.3. A regular subscriber will be required either to set up a monthly Bank Standing Order in favour of the 100 Club to the value of an exact number of pounds (either by sending a Standing Order form to the Promoter or by using their banking app), or to provide a cash lump sum to the value of at least three months’ contributions. No Standing Orders will be implemented until a Trigger Level (see below) has been reached. (Revised November 2022.)

3.4. Chances in each monthly draw will also be made available on a one-off basis via the DHST web shop, or at the DHFC ground on match days.  Chances sold in this way will in all respects be equivalent to chances sold via regular subscription.  (Revised November 2022.)  

3.5. Monthly draws will begin once an agreed level of subscription (“the Trigger Level”) has been reached. The Trigger Level is set at £100/month.  (Revised February 2021.)

3.6. Once the Trigger Level has been reached, the Promoter will notify all subscribers that payments under their Standing Orders will begin at a convenient date in the next four weeks, and will send the relevant forms to banks, having completed the date part of the form appropriately. The Promoter will also announce that draws will begin two weeks after the initial payment date.  (Revised August 2019.)

3.7. To reduce costs, physical tickets will not be issued to subscribers. Instead, a list of subscribers to each draw and the numbers allocated to them will be available for examination by subscribers.  (Revised November 2022.)  

3.8. One draw will be conducted each month, so long as regular contributions remain above 75% of the Trigger Level. When contributions drop below this level, the 100 Club and all associated Standing Orders will be suspended. If contributions remain below 75% of the Trigger Level for three months, the 100 Club will be closed.  (Revised February 2021.)

3.9. Draws will be conducted in the first half of each month, with the results published on the DHST website. Winners will be notified by post or email or telephone call. A list of past winners will be available for inspection on the DHST website.  (Amended January 2013).

3.10. Initially, there will be two cash prizes in each draw. The first prize will be to the value of 25% of the prize pool (contributions less expenses). The second prize will be to the value of 15% of the prize pool.  The number and value of prizes may be changed at any time by the DHST Board (within the constraints of 2.2 above).  A month’s notice will be given of any change.  (Revised August 2019.)

3.11. The Promoter will not accept subscriptions above the level which would conflict with the Small Society Lottery legislation.  (Revised April 2019.)

3.12. The Promoter will determine how draws are to be conducted.  The use of web-based services will be permitted.   (Added November 2022.)  

4. Distribution of Profits

4.1. Profits of the 100 Club will be used at the discretion of the DHST Board (but see 4.2 below).

4.2. If the 100 Club is wound up, all profits remaining after the repayment to subscribers of monies which have not yet purchased tickets in draws will be used at the discretion of the DHST Board.