The Rabble

I want to get involved with the singing, but I dont know anyone. What should I do?

During men's games, the noisier contingent of our fans will congregate behind whichever goal the team is shooting at.


We have a drum, which is a useful focal point for where noisy fans are likely to be. If you want to meet some people, please do introduce yourself to the drummer or anyone else before or during a game - they'll be happy to introduce you to some freindly faces.

I don't know the words to the songs, how do I learn them?

The traditional approach is just to keep listening to them and gradually pick them up. but we also have them written down in an ever-evolving songbook here.


And if you've got your own song you want to try, give it a go! The terrace hivemind will decide whether or not it is a winner.

Is there anything else I should know about?

There's a general principle of being welcoming to all and never abusive.


We have a deserved reputation for giving stick to opposition goalkeepers, but newcomers don't always understand that this should be done with wit, and occasionally make the mistake of tipping over into abuse. This is not welcomed.


Anyone shouting anything sexist or homophobic will be told to do one very quickly.

What about the women's games? Is there singing or anything similar there?

The Pepper Army is young but growing, and can be found in the Toilets Opposite stand during most women's games.


Once again, please do go over to whoever looks the least hungover, introduce yourself, and tell them you'd like to get involved. You'll be welcomed with open arms.

I want to make stickers, how do I do that?

This one's easy - just design them, and get them printed (and share them with everyone else before and during games).


Some printers we've used include:

Ultras Design

Discount Sticker Printing


if you're in the Peckham area, Quick Print on Bellenden Road comes recommended. Other local printing shops may also be happy to print stickers for you.

What about flags? Can I make them too?

Yes! Flags ace ace and we should see more of them. Ideally they should be pink and/or blue (or occasionally red/black/white. if they're referencing our frinds Altona 93).


The Rabble is made up of people from a wide variety of nations so we try to avoid country themed flags and instead focus on the club. Let's save the country flags for Wembley!


We have found FlagsFC to be a very decent source for getting good quality custom flags printed.


Alternatively, many people enjoy the DIY route...


You can buy fabrics from local fabric or textile shops (Simply Fabric in Brixton has a particularly good range of pink and blues), and any local business that repairs or alters clothing will likely turn them into your desired pattern for a small fee.


For a pole, you can use a broomstick, a wooden pole or some PVC piping - all of which you should find in your local hardware store. You can attach your flag to the pole with fabric glue or a stapler.


If you're thinking of something a bit more ambitious, this is an excellent blog on the practical considerations of making large flags and banners.


If you're making a big flag or banner and plan on bringing it regularly, please speak to a rabble member. They will be able to point you in the direction of someone to speak to to hopefully store it at the club.