Constitution and Policies

Constitution and policies


The following documentation sets out the overall rules of the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust (DHST).  These are underpinned by several policies that further define how the Trust operates.

The Rules

The current DHST Rules (or Constitution) were registered on 10 September 2020, replacing the version from 24 June 2010.


Six Policies were adopted by the Society Board on 3 August 2015.   Versions with minor corrections and enhancements were adopted by the Board on 20 October 2020, 18 November 2020 and 19 January 2023.

These Policies add further clarity and detail to the Trust’s Rules.  In the event of conflict, the Rules take precedence. 

●  Standing Orders for Board Meetings
●  Standing Orders for General Meetings
●  Board Membership and Conduct Policy
●  Disciplinary Policy
  Election Policy
●  Complaints Procedure

Trust Nominated Directors

The Trust Board currently appoints two directors to the football club's Board.  The duties and code of conduct for these positions were adoped by the Board in April 2021.

●  Trust Nominated Director: Role Profile
●  Trust Nominated Director: Code of Conduct