New Southwark Plan Southwark Council are in the process of drafting new site allocations and area visions for the New Southwark Plan. Included within this was an allocation for the existing Champion Hill stadium site including the land around the stadium (car wash, car park) and the land on which the stadium buildings sit (health club, bar, changing rooms etc.) but specifically excluding the football pitch.

binäre optionen wer verdient The New Southwark Plan will be a new borough-wide planning and regeneration strategy up to 2033. Once finalised and adopted, it will replace the saved Southwark Plan policies and the Core Strategy. This document sets in place strategies for sites in the borough in relation to potential development of these sites.

Our response to the Council’s first draft of this document was partially successful with the amendment of the required uses on the site to include both the football pitch and associated facilities rather than just the pitch. Whilst we have had some success in getting this small but significant wording changed the Council have omitted to include the area of the associated facilities and the concerns on the other aspects that we highlighted in our original response still remain.

The Council are now consulting on the new and amended preferred option policies document. The relevant section in this document relating to the Football Club is site allocation reference NSP38 (pages 40-42).

lagligt köpa Tadalafil pÃ¥ nàWe urge supporters of the Club to write in with their own comments and help ensure that the future of the Club and Champion Hill is not adversely affected by the proposals. Details of how you can do this and guidance on what to say can be found here bin “Ñ“ ’Ñ“ “†’’ “Ñ“ ’‚ “‚ ’¤re optionen strategie The deadline for submission of comments is 13 September so don’t delay and feel free to ask us any questions by emailing us.

It’s important that we make our views known, particularly as the Council’s statement of case (in relation to the planning application appeal) makes specific reference to the proposals for Champion Hill in the New Southwark Plan and notes that these should have progressed to ‘submission stage’ by the time of inquiry. If the proposals as drafted are approved in their current form then this will add weight to the case against the proposed redevelopment of Champion Hill which we are in support of. We urge all supporters to make their feelings known on this and help ensure that the New Southwark Plan site allocation for Champion Hill puts in place a sensible strategy for the site.

Our latest letter to Southwark Council on the preferred option can be found here.