New Southwark Plan

The New Southwark Plan will be a new borough-wide planning and regeneration strategy up to 2033. Once finalised and adopted, it will replace the saved Southwark Plan policies and the Core Strategy. This document sets in place strategies for sites in the borough in relation to potential development of these sites.

Southwark Council are in the process of drafting new site allocations and area visions for the New Southwark Plan. Included within this was an allocation for the existing Champion Hill stadium site including the land around the stadium (car wash, car park) and the land on which the stadium buildings sit (health club, bar, changing rooms etc.) but specifically excluding the football pitch.

Our response to the Council’s first draft of this document was partially successful with the amendment of the required uses on the site to include both the football pitch and associated facilities rather than just the pitch. Whilst we have had some success in getting this small but significant wording changed the Council have omitted to include the area of the associated facilities and the concerns on the other aspects that we highlighted in our original response still remain.

The Council then consulted on the new and amended preferred option policies document which we responded to here. We are pleased that the East Dulwich area vision now acknowledges that the Club is “an important visitor attraction with a valuable community function”. In addition the Champion Hill site allocation has now been amended so that any new development on the site includes provision for a stadium with at least the same size facilities as we currently have.

Given that the first version of this document didn’t acknowledge retaining of the ancillary facilities (turnstiles, changing rooms, bar etc.) we should see this as a very important ‘win’, particularly since the current situation (with the withdrawal of the planning appeals) means the car park is realistically the least path to resistance in terms of developing the land and the first version of this document would have left everything but the pitch up for grabs.

The New Southwark Plan: Proposed Submission Version is currently out for informal consultation until 24 December 2017. At the Council’s Assembly meeting on 29 November 2017, the document was proposed to go out to formal consultation from 2 January – 12 February.