DHST poll of members to support proposals

DHST poll of members to support proposals

In order to determine whether DHST should formally support the planning application we held a poll of our members. Below are the key points and documents associated with that poll.

Does DHST back the redevelopment of Champion Hill?

Yes. the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust (DHST) is backing plans for the redevelopment of Champion Hill. This follows a poll of members on whether to support the redevelopment proposals, as submitted by Hadley Property Group (HPG). An unequivocal 94 percent of Trust members who responded to the poll are in support.

The new facility and the Club being owned by its supporters is a fantastic chance to secure the Club’s future for years to come.  DHST is therefore be campaigning to secure these two mutually reinforcing issues.  This will ensure that Dulwich Hamlet Football Club has the bright future it deserves.

How can you help?

The deadline for making comments to the Planning Inspectorate in advance of the appeal may have passed but we urge all supporters to keep telling your friends, family, local councillors, schools, organisations and local businesses about why it's important for us to secure the new stadium and consequently the future of the Club.

What has DHST been doing on the proposed redevelopment of the ground?

The main aim of the DHST is for Dulwich Hamlet to be a leading example of a financially sustainable football club, owned by supporters, with a secure long-term home in East Dulwich.  This is at the heart of DHST’s objectives as an organisation.  In order to deliver this the DHST Board has consistently championed the position that any proposals must be considered as a holistic package, which delivers three things:

  • a quality ground and associated facilities;
  • security of tenure that will deliver Dulwich Hamlet a secure long term home; and
  • fan ownership of Dulwich Hamlet

In order to achieve these aims, then since 2014, members of the DHST Board have actively engaged with representatives from Hadley, fellow supporters, local Councillors and others from the local community.  In particular, we have:

  • influenced the development of Hadley’s proposals by working closely with their appointed architect and sourcing independent advice from Supporters Direct’s independent stadium-specialist architects;
  • ensured that the club is considered as part of Southwark Council’s future plans for Greendale Fields by commenting (and encouraging our members to comment) on the Council’s proposals;
  • ensured that there is an improved engagement between the Council and Hadley to properly consider the option of a comprehensive plan for Champion Hill and Greendale Fields that could benefit local residents, the community (including supporters), and the football club; and
  • actively championed, alongside the club’ s Football Committee and others, the value of the club as a genuine community asset that brings together and welcomes all sections of the community.

Can you tell me a bit more about the plans and fan ownership?

The planning application can be viewed in full here.  You can also review the following information:

Memorandum of understanding Negotiated between DHST and Hadley property Group (HPG).  This is not a legally binding contract, but it sets out clearly a common understanding about the key aspects of the development relevant to Dulwich Hamlet, and how it impacts on sustainability of the Football Club and fan ownership.
Vision and governance structure for a fan-owned DHFC This document outlines:


  • the ownership model for a fan-owned DHFC;
  •  the values and vision for DHFC (to be further defined), once under fan ownership; and
  • how a governance structure for a fan-owned DHFC would be managed.
An operations report Sets out how the day-to-day operations of the Club and associated facilities could be run and by whom.
A lease report Sets out the progress Hadley made with Southwark Council on securing a long lease of for the new ground.
Planning application The following documents are of most relevance to the club :·


·         Design and Access Statement

·         Stadium Management Plan

·         Planning Statement

·         Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment

·         Site block plan

·         Stadium pitch plan 107

·         Elevation 304

·         Elevation 305

·         Elevation 306

·         Elevation 403

·         Section 202

·         Section 203

·         Section 204

·         Section 205

·         Ground floor plan 148

·         Ground floor plan 149

·         Ground floor plan 150

·         First floor plan 151

·         First floor plan 152

·         First floor plan 153

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