Gen Williams

Member since:



Roles & Responsibilities:

Comms, Social media, Advocating for Womens football, EDI


Day Job: 

I work for an architecture school





Reading, but grew up in South East London


Other teams:

OL Reign in Seattle, Chelsea in the WSL (I studiously ignore the Premier League) and Peckham Town.


3 words to sum up DHFC:

Chaotic, community-led, principled


If you’re not at Champion Hill on a Saturday afternoon, what are you normally doing? 

Cat sitting, watching any women's football that's on, or embarking on some ill-advised and hastily considered DIY/home decorating.


I initially began supporting Dulwich Hamlet  because it was my local club, then became a die-hard when they brought in a women's team, and continually because of the community that characterises and sustains it and the principles at the heart of how the club operates.


I joined the Trust board because it seemed like a great way to get more involved in the life of the club and hopefully be useful.


North London or South London? 

This question is insulting. We do not speak of N*rth L*nd*n.


Camping or all-inclusive hotel? 


Tea or Coffee? 

Neither. Orange Barley Water.

Night out clubbing or in bed with a good book? 

Alternate between the two.



If you had to pick, who are your top 3 bands/musicians?

I can't narrow it down that far, but for now let's say: Underworld, King Princess, Run The Jewels

Favourite pubs/restaurants in East Dulwich?

I have become very fond of the Cherry Tree. They do a cracking negroni, the food is nice, the garden is great and there's room to move, which you can't say for all of Dulwich's watering holes.

Do you have any celebrity lookalikes?

I hope not


Favourite author/s? 

Ursula LeGuin, Isabel Wilkerson, Rosemary Hawley Jarman

Favourite or dream holiday destination? 

I badly want to go to Jordan and Lebanon. I also dearly wanted to visit Yemen and am very sad about the devastation it's faced for the last few years


If you had to pick 4 other players, past or present, for a dream 5-a-side, who would you go for?

I would not be on the five-a-side for my footballing abilities are vanishingly small, so I will choose 5: Megan Rapinoe, Catarina Macario, Millie Bright, Lina Hurtig, Tiane Endler

Do you have any pets?

None of my own, but as a devoted cat-sitter, all cats are my children. (My rates are very reasonable.)

If you’d have been a professional footballer, which clubs would you have most wanted to play for? 

I cannot answer this question, because me being a professional footballer is literally the worst thing that could happen to any team.


Jam or Marmite? 

Raspberry jam is a gift from the gods.

Cats or dogs? 

I love both but cats are easier to live with.


Ever appeared on TV? 

Occasionally! The last time was on Football Focus representing the Trust in a feature about LGBTQ+ football fans and supporters' groups. It did put me in the awkward position of having to hurry up and come out to my parents that weekend before they saw it - sometimes you need a kick with these things.


Favourite film and/or TV show? 

I can quote every word of Almost Famous and have formed deep and abiding relationships with those who could do the same.

Blur or Oasis? 

I have come to loathe both. Rialto.


Can you speak any other languages?