Long time supporter takes on the London Marathon

Long-time Dulwich Hamlet supporter and current Trust Board member Paul Griffin (Griff) will be running the London Marathon in April and will be raising money for Guys and their research into Bladder Cancer.

Taking on a Marathon is a huge challenge, so what is driving him to taking on this huge challenge, for Griff “…it boils down to giving a little something back to the amazing people at Guys Hospital without whom it would be very unlikely to even be around today”

“Back in October 2017 I popped into A&E at Tommy’s with several abdominal pains and blood in my urine.  Not long after I was in the ICU at Guys with a catheter pumping blood out of my bladder, I’ll spare you the more gruesome details.”

It turned out that Griff had Stage 3 Bladder Cancer, a form of disease he didn’t even know existed until the consultant told him.

“I required radical surgery to remove the entire bladder to eliminate the cancer with my prostate coming out to for good measure”.

Even then, he was not out of the woods as a CT scan a few weeks later, showed a lump in his groin leading to ultrasound and more biopsies before Griff was given the all clear in February of last year.

“Competing the Marathon is not just a way of raising money for Guys but raising awareness of a form of Cancer research into which is severely underfunded and showing that Cancer is not an end but a start of a second chance of life.”

If you wish to help Griff reach his target, you can donate via his JustGiving page.