Changes to Trust Membership

Changes to Trust Membership

7th Aug 2020

As announced at our AGM on 21 July, DHST membership has switched to a seasonal (August – July) model from 1 August 2020.

If you were a paid up Trust member on 1 August 2020, your membership will now run until 31 July 2021. If it would have expired before that date, it will be extended until 31 July 2021 (the end of the 2020/21 season) and any membership dues up to that date will be waived (if you renew via PayPal subscription this has now been cancelled and you may have now receive an email from PayPal telling you this).

We have done this as the fairest and simplest way of making the switch, so that all our members benefit, and those experiencing temporary financial difficulties caused by the Covid-19 crisis can continue to be members throughout the coming season.

If your membership has lapsed, don't worry – we're checking and updating all our members and we'll send you an email telling you what you need to do to renew or confirming that you are indeed still a member for the new season.

Along with the above change, child membership for new joiners (and those renewing in future seasons) will be brought in line with other concessions, at £5 per season.

Planning update

Last Monday we had the result we so desperately wanted and needed, as the Club’s joint application, with Meadow Residential, to provide new housing and a new stadium for the club, was approved by the Southwark Council Planning Committee. As a substantial shareholder in the Club, DHST welcomes this crucial step towards securing the Club’s long-term future at a new home in East Dulwich. We look forward to continuing our work with the local community and to securing our vision of this club as a beacon of quality in non-league football whose facilities can act as a hub for the local community.

We would like to thank those members of the Club and Trust who worked so tirelessly towards this application, and to our many members who wrote in support of the new stadium.

DHST’s stake in Dulwich Hamlet Football Club Limited has now reached over 27%. Our investment has provided crucial financial support to the Club and has been made possible by you – whether by becoming a member of the Trust, joining our 100 Club lottery, buying merchandise or making direct donations.

Our stake in the Club is held on behalf of our members and the wider community. We want to continue to build it. However, the transition to seasonal membership will result in a fall in membership income. We hope that this will be temporary, but we would encourage any members who are able to do so to support us, by donating to the Trust directly via our club website , joining the 100 Club and encouraging your friends and family to join the Trust