DHST 100 Club Lottery January winners announced – and here’s how to join

5th Jan 2020

The winners of January’s draw were:

1st Prize: Ticket 681 – Paul Nicholas (£161.50)

2nd Prize: Ticket 6 – Jonathan Hunt (£96.90)

Monthly contributions are running at £646. Thanks to all contributors for helping us to grow this number from less than £300 over recent months, increasing both prizes and the fund. The total raised has now passed £41k, most of which has been invested in shares in the Club. The balance remains available for investment, and continues to grow.

Many thanks for your continued support – it would be great if you could encourage friends to join too.

Head here to fill in a quick and easy form to be in with a chance of winning next month’s draw. (If you’d like to increase an existing contribution you can do that directly via your bank, but please let us know of the change in time for the next draw.) Email info@dhst.org.uk if you have any questions.