Meadow Residential – Update

19th Jun 2018

We published two statements in March shortly after the announcement that Meadow had terminated the Club’s licence to play at Champion Hill. This is a brief further update.

In late April we wrote to Meadow, seeking clarification of their position on a number of issues. You can read our letter here.

We hoped to receive a constructive response from Meadow, but they have not acknowledged or replied to our letter, or a subsequent email.

In particular, we put it to Meadow that there is no good reason for them to prevent the club from playing at Champion Hill while their planning dispute with Southwark Council continues. All that their strategy appears to achieve is to inflict serious financial loss on the club and to inconvenience supporters. This assessment, like all the other points made in our letter, has not been challenged by Meadow.

We understand that Dulwich Hamlet Football Club and Southwark Council have also attempted to engage with Meadow over the last three months, without success. We remain willing to engage in constructive dialogue with Meadow with a view to safeguarding the interests of the Club.

Whilst Meadow’s attitude is disappointing, there has been progress in other areas. Southwark Council has made an offer to acquire Champion Hill and has indicated that it will consider a compulsory purchase if necessary; the SaveDHFC campaign rally on 17 March showed the strength of support for the Club within the community; Helen Hayes MP and Lord Roy Kennedy have taken the issue to parliament; and the Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch MP, has made a generous and constructive offer to facilitate a mediation between the parties. DHST will continue to work with other parties towards a resolution of the matter.