New ‘Knocking down walls’ scarf now available online and in the mega shed

8th Nov 2015


The Supporters’ Trust is pleased to announce the winner of our scarf design competition, Chris Goodman (above). Chris suggested the winning slogan ‘knocking down walls’ in reference to the on-going community work by the Football Club and Supporters’ Trust. The phrase is also in reference to our song from our infamous away match at Leatherhead, in our 2013 Division One South championship year;

”O       "Oh campione

The one and only, from Champion Hill.

They say our days are numbered and we’re heading for a fall,

But we’re winning titles and we’re knocking down your walls!…….. Oh campione….”

Chris kindly offered to pay the £10 to buy his winning scarf, we’d like to thank Chris for his offer and after our suggestion he donated £10 to the 12th Man Fund. DHST would also like to thank former Trust board member Robert Molloy-Vaughan, for the artwork design. The scarf is now available to purchase from the Megashed and is now available to buy online.