New stadium update and further investment made by the Supporters’ Trust

New stadium update and further investment made by the Supporters’ Trust

27th Feb 2022

Last week, the club moved one step further to being able to start work on our new stadium, which will serve as the permanent home for our club here in East Dulwich. We can happily report that, through the signing of a Section 106 Agreement, the stadium owners, the club and Southwark Council have all agreed to proceed with the proposals, and this decision has also been ratified by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the Mayor’s office. This marks the end of an 18-month process since the club’s application was first approved – an application that commits all parties to ensuring they deliver a stadium and a residential development.

The Trust has worked closely with club Chairman, Ben Clasper, to ensure the voice of our fans has been heard throughout – and we continue to act as a conduit for fans’ views as these plans progress. We know how slow the process has been, and how confusing it is for those of us not steeped in planning law, and as a Trust we are looking to get as much information as possible out to fans to keep them fully briefed as this progresses.

With such high attendances and such phenomenal support, for both our men’s and women’s teams, it is great timing to know that the planned developments are that much closer, and that we will be able to offer an even better match going experience in the years ahead once the new stadium is up and running. As a Trust we are only too aware that some of the facilities at our club need constant work and attention, and that we are unable to offer some of the things we want for both our fans and also for players and staff. Progressing with the new stadium brings much needed stability which will enable us to continue to grow as a Club.

The Supporters' Trust Board are also pleased to announce that we have, this week, invested another £35,000 into the football club which will see us increasing our current shareholding from our current position of just under 30%. Given the recent news, regarding the new stadium, we felt that the timing was right for us to show our full commitment in helping to secure long term future for the Club and to give a stronger voice to supporters.

The agreement to proceed with the new stadium is, of course, not the end of the story but it is a significant milestone reached and it brings us that much closer to realising our ambitions. Whilst we are still a little away from the day we can start work, and even further from the final move, we continue to focus on what we can offer to fans at our current home. Our ground does need a lot of work, and much of this work is done by our army of volunteers who go above and beyond every week. To get this whole project over the line we need fans to not just help out whenever they can today, but also, crucially, support the work of the Trust and club during these critical next stages of the process. If you think you can help, please get in touch at [email protected]