Nominations to the Trust Board 2021-2022 Close on Tuesday 15 June

Nominations to the Trust Board 2021-2022 Close on Tuesday 15 June

11th Jun 2021

We recently announced the date of our AGM (20 July) and called for nominations to the Trust Board. As a reminder, the cut off date to submit nominations to join the Board is 23:59 Tuesday 15 June.

If you’re interested in developing personal skills, helping the Football Club progress, and would like to contribute to our objectives, we invite you to consider joining the Trust Board.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and we welcome applications from all sections of the community.

We have several areas on the Trust Board where we’re looking to fill gaps or complement the existing resource. This includes but is not limited to:

Membership engagement – an important role which includes managing the existing membership base, retaining existing members and encouraging new members to join. Outgoing Board member, Arec Koundarjian, has undertaken this role over the last couple of years.

Merchandise – in recent years the Trust has expanded its merchandise offer to become one of the best in non-league. We always welcome new merchandise ideas and need someone to manage our existing merchandise team. This role includes ordering existing stock, liaising with suppliers and coordinating the match day and online shop. This role has primarily been the responsibility of Mel Hughes over the last six years.

Community Liaison – this is a role that involves developing ideas with the Football Club’s Community Lead and maintaining an outreach programme within the local East Dulwich community. The Football Club has had an outstanding record in this area over the past few years which we would like to help maintain. Alex Smith and Mark McGann has undertaken this role during the last year.

Webmaster – this role involves managing and maintaining the current DHST website, publishing articles and liaising with the membership lead to maintain the membership database. Our website uses a WordPress template with several plug-ins so knowledge of this platform would be advantageous.

We also have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which would benefit from additional help to maintain.

If you’re not sure what you can offer the Trust Board but want to get involved, existing and past Trust Board members will be more than happy to discuss. Please email us and we can set up a conversation.

In the second of a series of statements from current and ex-Trust Board members, Mel and Al talk below about their achievements whilst serving on the Board. 

Mel Hughes, Trust Appointed Football Club Director

I have spent the last six years running the merchandise for the Trust and last year I was appointed the Trust's Nominated Director to the Football Club.

Since becoming a Trust board member I have watched the attendances grow and with that, the Trust had to adapt to ensure we could keep up with the merchandise demand

During my time on the board we increased the merchandise range, retail space, revamped the online shop, and with the merchandise growth, the Trust now owns 27.7% of shares and we have two directors to represent our members and fans. 

When I was given the responsibility of running the merchandise I was asked to turn Lordship Lane pink and blue and I never imagined we would be sending merchandise to fans around the globe!

I have found volunteering for the Trust very rewarding even though over the years there have been many challenges faced by the Club from moving to our temporary ground at Tooting to last season's National League funding diabolical.

If you love the Club and wish to broaden your skillsets or offer your services, I highly recommend showing your support by volunteering on match days or joining the Board to help with the running of the Club."

Al Crane, Ex-DHST Chair 

"I (mostly!) enjoyed my time on the Trust Board and it’s led me to meet some fantastic people and experience certain aspects of a football club which I never imagined would happen when I first turned up to watch the Hamlet around ten years ago.

Much of my first year on the Board was spent working on the ground redevelopment plans and building our shop, known more affectionately as the “Mega-Container”. As someone who designs buildings for a living, the opportunity to actually build something myself was one I relished and has convinced me never to fit out a shipping container in the winter ever again!

Being on the Trust Board helped me develop skills which have assisted me in my day job. Being in the role of Board Chair meant having an oversight of all aspects of the Trust – from finance, merchandise, membership, external comms, political liaison as well as coordinating a team of people to carry out those operations. 

This was a demanding but also very rewarding to when it runs well – something I think the Trust has excelled at in recent years. I’m very proud that as a football club have a strong fanbase and that the Supporters’ Trust is well on the way to increasing its membership to nearly half the average attendance."

Photos by Duncan Palmer