Statement From the Trust and Football Cub Regarding the Planning Application for Champion Hill

6th Mar 2020

The Club and Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Trust are pleased to announce that London Borough of Southwark have confirmed the date of a planning committee in which we can expect our application for a new stadium to be determined.

The council last week informed the club that they are targeting the committee meeting on April 22nd, subject to the completion of all reports, to decide the outcome of what has been a long journey for the club.

Since the original consultation there has been positive engagement between all parties involved in the process and as a result some changes have been made to the scheme to incorporate the feedback from stakeholders.

As a result, the application is subject to a short re-consultation period where public comments can be submitted again until March 12.

If you have not commented before it is really important that you take this opportunity to support the club at this crucial time. If you have supported the application before, please do so again during this further consultation period to demonstrate your continuing support. Remember the deadline is only a week away.

We would like to thank everyone that has supported the club during this long process and has worked towards the goal of securing a decision on the development of a new stadium and sporting hub for the community. Should the application be rejected the club will not be able to continue in its current form at the heart of its community so it is important that everyone’s voice is heard.

PLEASE support the club, the community, and East Dulwich as a whole. Details of how to leave a comment are below.

Feedback can be submitted by following three steps.

  1. Click on this link:
  2. In the ‘Simple Search’ section enter ‘19/AP/1867’ and click on Search
  3. Click on ‘Comments
  4. Click on ‘Make a Comment’
  5. Complete the form

Please note the form has changed since the last consultation and if you are commenting to support the application you need to click on ‘Support’ in the ‘Stance’ field and also there is only one option in the ‘Reason for comment’ field which is ‘Reasons for Support’.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

Dulwich Hamlet Football Club

Dulwich Hamlet Supporters’ Trust