​We Have New Chairs!!!

​We Have New Chairs!!!

29th Jul 2021

When you next come to Champion Hill you will notice that the Tommy Jover stand has shiny new blue seating, thanks to the latest investment by the Supporters’ Trust. 

The Trust Board recently approved the purchase of the new navy seating from GL Events for the stand replacing 190 broken ones which now brings it back up to full capacity. This latest investment of £7,500 now takes the Trust shareholding of the Football Club to just over 29%.

The Trust will be continuing to financially invest in the club with our focus being on improvements to the current stadium that directly enhances the match day experience at Champion Hill. Not only is the seating an investment for the current ground, but alongside the pink seating we purchased a few years ago, these could be removed and re-used in the new stadium.

Many thanks to GLStadia and the team from KH Stadium Seating, who despite the weather, not only removed and replaced the old seating over the last few days, but repositioned some of the existing pink seats and repaired a number of the original grey seating.  

The supplier also informed us that the main reason that so many seats had been broken is due to people putting their feet on the seat in front and so ourselves and the club are asking supporters' to please refrain from doing this at future games.

The replacement of the seating will also allow the implement one of the requests from a recent club survey – reserved seating for those who need it. If you responded that you would like to take advantage of that scheme the club will be shortly contacting, you to confirm. 

Finally, a reminder that our current members need to renew their annual subscription as the current membership period ends this Saturday.  You can renew online here.