Results of December 2021 DHST 100 Club Lottery

Results of December 2021 DHST 100 Club Lottery

2nd Dec 2021

We're pleased to announce the results for December's DHST 100 Club draw!

The winners were:

1st Prize: Ticket 887 – Peter Wright (£196.50)

2nd Prize: Ticket 629 – Rosanna Carter (£117.90)

Supporters bought a record 786 tickets this month - thank you to everyone who took part! £471.60 was retained for the Trust to invest in the club. Our goal remains £1,000/month - the higher the contributions, the bigger the prizes. We're getting there!

The 100 Club has now raised £49,609.40, most of which has been invested in shares in Dulwich Hamlet. We're approaching the £50,000 mark! The balance remains available for investment, and continues to grow.

The Supporters' Trust exists to help support the club and its longterm future, and the 100 Club is a vital part of building reserves we can use to assist the Club should it be needed.

You can help us in our mission to support Dulwich Hamlet FC by telling your friends about the 100 Club and inviting them to join.

Click here to fill in a quick and easy form to be in with a chance of winning next month’s draw.

You can also now buy single tickets in our shop.

If you’d like to increase an existing contribution you can do that directly via your bank, but please let us know of the change in time for the next draw. Email if you have any questions.